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Risk Analysis and Mitigation

We are familiar with business and political cultures across the region and can offer unparalleled guidance to help clients assess potential challenges to their organization’s activities in the region.

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Specialized Briefings

Time and information are at a premium, especially when organizations face complex strategic decisions. We help clients get the insights they need to make the best informed choices, spot opportunities they might otherwise miss, and avoid pitfalls.

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Scenario Planning and Strategic Advice

Dinámica helps clients understand the full spectrum of possibilities in a given environment, whether the matter relates to national elections, rapidly shifting regulatory regimes, or evolving geopolitical relationships.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Organizations working in the Americas need to know the players in any scenario where their interests are at stake. Our familiarity with local cultures in the region allows us to provide our clients an understanding of the formal and informal set of stakeholders in a given scenario and what messages are most likely to resonate positively with each actor.

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We work with your team to frame the landscape

Our team is skilled at helping clients turn innovative ideas into concrete action. We provide the political, strategic, and economic context needed to get business done and ensure that clients see their vision succeed.