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Past Events

February 1, 2024
CAF Conference: Latin America and the Caribbean:: A Region of Solution

Founding Partner Dan Restrepo shared Din√°mica's initial analysis of the US presidential race and its implications for the Americas in Panama City, Panama at the CAF Conference: Latin America and the Caribbean: A Region of Solutions.

Hear Dan's Remarks at the 10:45:00 Mark

January 25, 2024
RUSI Latin American Security Conference - London, England

Founding Partner Nick Zimmerman will speak on a panel at the RUSI Latin American Security Conference 2024 alongside Brazilian Ambassador to the UK Antonio Patriota; UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Head of Latin America Robert Tinline; Eurasia Group Latin America Director Maria Luisa Puig; and Canning House CEO Jeremy Browne.

November 14, 2023
Feria de Proveeduria 2023 - San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Founding Partner Roberta Jacobson will give the keynote address at the "Feria de Proveeduria 2023" in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, November 14, 2023.

November 28, 2023
Brazil Builds Panel - Miami, Florida

Founding Partner Ricardo Zuniga will join Woodrow Wilson Center Brazil Institute Director Bruna Santos and Florida International University Professor Ronaldo Parente for a discussion of sustainable development in Brazil and the country's growing green economy.

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