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Feb 5, 2024

El Salvador’s President Wins, Despite Concerns Over Crackdown

New York Times

Nayib Bukele won a second term on Sunday, riding support for his crackdown on gangs, even if the price has been restricting civil liberties.

Jan 12, 2024

How the Biden administration helped avoid a coup in Guatemala

Washington Post

With grim predictions of waning U.S. influence around the globe — due to China’s rise and America’s own political dysfunction — Guatemala may emerge as a rare success in promoting democracy.

Dec 7, 2023

From COP28: Climate Migration, A Global Challenge

Immigration Nerds Podcast

On this episode of the Immigration Nerds Podcast, host Lauren Clarke is joined by Erickson Immigration Group Partner Hiba Anver and featured guests Dan Restrepo from Dinámica Americas and Erin Sikorsky from the Climate Migration Council to discuss the issue of climate migration.

Oct 20, 2023

A host community strategy for managing migration


To head off chaos, as part of a multipronged approach to manage and order migration, it is time for decisive action to stabilize migrant hosting communities throughout the Americas

Oct 20, 2023

Una estrategia para comunidades de acogida que ayude a gestionar la migración


Para hacer frente al caos hay que actuar con decisión con el propósito de estabilizar las comunidades de acogida de migrantes en todo el continente americano

Sep 23, 2023

EUA reconhecem Brasil como interlocutor no novo mundo multipolar

Folha De S.Paulo

Iniciativa em defesa dos trabalhadores lançada por Biden e Lula é vista como símbolo de valores compartilhados pelos países

May 2, 2023

To effectively manage migration — go bigger


With human mobility at historic levels around the world, including throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the sense that migration cannot be brought under control is pervasive

Apr 18, 2023

Is Brazil back on the global stage? Lula's foreign policy in his first 100 days, with Nick Zimmerman

The Brazilian Report & Wilson Center Brazil Institute

Former White House Adviser for South America Nick Zimmerman analyzes the foreign policy of the Lula administration during its first 100 days. Throughout the first three months of the year, we at The Brazilian Report teamed up with the Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute to analyze the government’s achievements and challenges – of which there have been many.Take a deep dive into the first 100 days of the Lula administration.

Jan 10, 2023

US and Mexico: Consequential well beyond the border


With human mobility at historic levels around the world, including throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the sense that migration cannot be brought under control is pervasive

Jan 10, 2023

Estados Unidos y México: Trascendencia mucho más allá de la frontera


No podemos permitir que una visión estrecha de la frontera se imponga a unas soluciones realistas a la emigración, ni que ensombrezca la relación entre EE UU y México

Nov 6, 2022

US Latino political power and the midterm elections


As swing voters, Latinos will be critical to disparate partisan midterm outcomes in different places across the United States

Nov 6, 2022

El poder político de los latinos estadounidenses y las elecciones


Como votantes bisagra, serán esenciales para los resultados dispares de los comicios de medio mandato en diferentes lugares de Estados Unidos

May 28, 2021

Nick Zimmerman Interview on CNN Brasil

CNN Brasil

Assista na íntegra ao programa JORNAL DA CNN desta sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2021, apresentado por William Waack e Carol Nogueira.

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